Shaping and nurturing the Telos ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa

BP ID: telosarabia1

The only BP in MENA

Telos Arabia is a diverse team of experienced technologists and business leaders specialized in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies with a primary focus of becoming an Block Producer serving the Telos community in the Arabic speaking countries extending from the Gulf to Morocco, which has over 500 million populations with a med age of 25 years. Nearly 60% of the world’s crude oil reserves, and 45% of gas are in MENA and this is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, with a combined GDP of more than $2 trillion.

We are passionate about Telos and are committed to supporting the Telos community in the Middle East and North Africa and will operate a state-of-the-art block production infrastructure that will scale as demand grows.

Our Mission

We have recognized that there is no vital community for the Blockchain & EOSIO in the Middle East and North Africa region, so we decided to be the first to start this community.

We will do this in a number of ways, including: creating educational content in Arabic about EOSIO by creating educational videos on YouTube, organizing meetups, hackathons, and bootcamps for developers.


We are building scalable infrastructure with the right support systems and the vision to become the go-to hub for all Telos activities in the Middle East and North Africa. We are developing strong relationships with developers, investors, and entrepreneurs who are interested in, and have the vision for, building and promoting Telos tools & dApps in the region.

Our plan is providing servers in the MENA region countries after we get enough returns. Because of the high cost, our servers now in Finland and Germany.


Mohammed Almuhanna

Community & Strategy

Basel Alkaddoumi

Head of Block Production

Ahmad Sghaier

Lead Blockchain Engineer

Our Achievments

The source of all things related to the EOS ecosystem, where you will find links to EOS wallets, dApps, block explorers, community links, educational sites, and much more.

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EOSIO Incubator

We’re willing to start the first incubator with a focus in blockchain projects in MENA Region.